Born on March 2, 1959, in Arthabaska (Pisces ascendant Cancer for those interested), I have lived in Montreal since 1989. After studying in Quebec City, in various fields, including journalism and philosophy, I became a typographer in 1993, a profession that has been transformed by the web. I work for a major IT firm. I have published six books to date: Le Putain (1991), Crever mon fils (1994), La Vie dure (1997), L'Effet Casimir (2001), Les Années-rebours (2004) et Falaise (2015).

Strange word as that, of course. Ask a writer to embroider it, and his first reflex will be to provide you with the date of his published books. I don't pretend to be anything other than an ordinary guy with that salty or sweet point (it's up to my lovers to say it) that I'm homosexual. So I had to mourn a certain standard at first, even if, when you look closely, this difference is minimal, as subtle as the skin colour.

My literary "voice" describes everyday life and always in the present. I have often been confronted with taboos, with the walls of good manners. We cannot write everything down when, in our heads, all the possible things go around happily, with or without clothes. I am the first to show my hypocrisy to the world since that is how we survive. Anyway, in the choice of my stories and words, I like to reveal the veil on all these kingdoms of psychology. And this is the most bourgeois in the world.

I am said to be full of talents, the voice, the writing, the hands to build and caress. That makes me a handyman and, therefore, a good-for-nothing. So this is my journey. Live with, under your fingers, the latest technological gadget. A guy, you know. But I'm not too fond of cars, and I snore a lot.