August 9, 2012

It startled me when I was drying up after my shower. At first, I only heard repeated blows against the window of the skylight, then I saw its wings. I thought of a big moth that I would have woken up. It was when it momentarily flew over the well that I realized that it was a small wonder. It probably entered through the ventilation chimney and didn’t know how to get back into the open air.

Big dilemma. How do we get it out of its unfortunate position? The skylight window is inaccessible unless you use a cumbersome ladder. I tried to water it nearby to make it run down. But I instead made its life difficult, because I probably flooded his wings.

It has not moved for an hour now, probably drying up. I had the twisted idea of placing powerful spotlights and going on the roof to cover the skylight with an opaque cover, thinking of turning its eyes away from natural light. Without any results. It’s probably sailing with waves other than the ones I see.

I’ll let it rest for now. Perhaps it will decide on its own to explore the void underneath it and thus find, at random during its flight, the exit. Otherwise, I will do whatever it takes, build something up to trap it in a jar, and give its wings back the space they need.