Meanwhile on Earth

March 22, 2021

Yesterday was a day for relaxation. As with every spring, and perhaps more so this one, people dressed with nonchalance and, like migratory birds returning from a long journey, rested by a stream.

I, too, went for a walk, first out of necessity, as I had to go to the pharmacy to get my medicine, and then because I also wanted some fresh air.

There were so many people everywhere that I could feel the danger of the contagion still lurking around us. People didn’t seem to be overly concerned, sitting together on whatever dry bench they could find. Many of the children did not even have coats on, bubbling with life as never before, as when one is finally allowed to go outside without wearing some kind of homemade astronaut suit.

The battle isn’t over yet, but it was time for a sun break, mud, and rivers to bypass among the broken snow.

Meanwhile, Mars is being explored with better eyes. In 2030, we will get samples. That’s still a long way off. By then, what will our planet be like? Nonchalant, on fire, still the same with or without the human race?