Our Destiny

November 15, 2019

Are we governed by a force, laws, a god, something higher than us? The concept of destiny takes many form and it is not only present in astrology, where the movement of "celestial" bodies seems to offer a useful metaphor for understanding existence. Catholics do not believe in fate, they believe in individual salvation, in power to change the course of things. Muslims would be more inclined to think that the divine order casts its shadow on the path to be followed and that it is necessary to submit to it.

We must not confuse destiny with fatality and here again, there will be some astrologers to draw a straight line of prefabricated events for you. The notion of destiny also exists in science under the term determinism. Here too, the spectrum of hypotheses includes as much highways of calculation — God would not play dice (Einstein) — as the notion of chaos that invariably leads to order, even if one cannot predict what order will be (Langton’s ant).

Some will say that we must accept our fate. I have as proof two of my friends whose birth chart expresses both the fatality of their health problems and the possibility of emerging or directing their existence towards a new personal world.

Things happen to us, we kind of suffer them. At the same time, we make it a reason, we can succeed or try to understand its meaning, we can build a symbolism. Would fate be a way to hide your own’s ignorance? Don’t the dancers flutter around abstractions that give birth to beauty?

You, at this moment, what is your destiny, what has been your path to this day? Do you see it as a trace, a line, a shape? If so, what is its purpose? You can certainly find refuge there, but the last answer will be that you don’t know. At most, you can hope. Hope is thus your dance, your song. Your destiny is to be a human being. It is a black line sketch that the fatality that belongs to you will try to color with more or less finished pencil or brush strokes.

Your destiny is shared with the rest of humanity, which must deal with the manifestation of other species, the greatness of planets and stars. It forms a Whole that we are obliged to write with a capital letter. Silence in us seems to be our only certainty. The result or consequences of our actions are in line with achievements in an evolutionary palimpsest. We must undoubtedly submit ourselves, live our lives the way they happen to us.

Fate or destiny is often portrayed as an ocean with random waves, a horizon that is always far away, and as an abyssal depth. The vault of heaven and its massive variety could be another symbol of what is. There is no other way but to move forward and blend in with the stars, to create your nest with the other bees. If we could all at least breathe the same winter wind... wouldn’t our journey towards our destiny be happier as a result?