You, the human being

July 1, 2023

Listen to your body and mind, let the air invade your earthly gills, look with your childlike eyes and don’t forget that there’s nothing you can do to influence the course of life.

Your existence moves in spiral circles; you feel you’re going around in circles, and you’re right. The planets have been circling their single sun for millennia. Why should you be any different?

You come from ancestors who pushed their wheels in the same direction as their forebears. And you, at your age, whether young or old, realize that everything that has been said and done is being repeated, as if no one was learning anything from it all, and that you’d have to be blind to have peace and silence within yourself.

This won’t stop you from living because you’ve put on the natural blinders of your conscience. You’ll keep running until the soles of your feet become thin and hot until your lungs drown in emptiness. And you’ll fall like other people’s pasts.

You’ll be remembered for a while. They’ll love you for what you were and undoubtedly embellish your story to sweeten their own. Eventually, you’ll be forgotten because the cosmic clocks have other galaxies to move.

That’s what it means to live in the mystery of the universe. Understand nothing about it and still have the leisure to build cathedrals of hypotheses.

What was the beginning of all this? Is there such a thing as a beginning? Isn’t everything eternally ephemeral and enduring? Will there never be answers? Should we be silent, then?

Probably not. That’s not what life tells us. Its word is sacred and gesture vengeful, and its blade is made of an authoritative and merciless sword.
Come on, listen to your body, drink your oxygen, and make the necessary silence to submit.

And you, the human being, will undoubtedly be happy.