Old people hallucinating

January 27, 2024

I asked Midjourney's robot to illustrate old ladies hallucinating under the effects of alcohol and drugs. My instructions, prompts in the AI's language, were more or less precise, as was the rendering of certain illustrations.

I didn't manage to get what I wanted, what I imagined, because my brain isn't Midjourney's brain. A world of wires, transistors and plastics separates us from each other, not to mention the realms of the imagination, which, in my case, are driven by millions of years of biological possibilities. In contrast, the robot's abilities, though exceptional, are still no more than a mixture of imitation.

But I did smile when I saw some of the illustrations. The more variations you ask for on a chosen image, the more likely you will get good results. Until it all goes wrong.

Once again, the limits of these supposed intelligences collide with the straitjacket imposed by the mathematics of their creators. That will soon change.

Before making my old folks hallucinate, I had asked for simple portraits à la Toulouse Lautrec, à la Egon Schiele and à la 20th-century American style. Here again, clumsiness and ingenuity, poorly drawn hands and clumsy mouths. I trust the developers will be able to refine their toys.

And why are older people hallucinating? Because I'm probably hallucinating my everyday life right now. I wanted to write a more serious text, which would have been entitled: When I get old. It will come.

I could already conclude here that I'd like to retain my natural ability to distrust constraints and absolute values. I've never been a smoker or a heavy drinker. That doesn't stop my liver from complaining. My escape is elsewhere. My astrological chart shows that I have few "points" in Air. I'm not much of a thinker. But when it comes to dreaming... I'm all wet.

For the moment, I'm watching my old folks listen to their music and have their little drinks. It helps to obliterate a reality without judgment and as cold as fate.

Illustrations created with Midjourney