Our kites

April 19, 2015

It is easy to say, I keep repeating it. It is more difficult to do. "I love you, you love me, we will love each other." "I promise you, you promise me, we will promise each other." Politicians, lovers, sellers of all temples, lovers of all stories are capable of the most beautiful words as well as the most elegant inanities.

Man, the male, is probably even better able to ignite whatever he wants with his words. As for the woman, the prima donna, calculates more, weighs more, because she must embody what follows, use her body to give life. But no matter the style used, the word is to the mouth what the weapon is to the hand.

I have already written it down, said: what matters is what we do. The word is too often this beautiful kite that we admire fighting against and with the wind. Sooner or later, the beautiful bird returns to the ground.

Saying "I love you" is worthless if the body doesn’t follow. Walk your talk. A mother, a father, who sugarcoats her words with fine speeches, proves nothing as long as she does not act. A kiss, welcoming arms, a kind heart, a real protection for the souls of their children. Passing the kite requires transmitting this rope, this anchor.

A young adult who promises eternal love has not yet understood that it is sometimes necessary to sail for a long time, to dive his anchor in the water of many coasts, before knowing what to do. His naivety is obviously his virtue. He wants to act and the older adult must, for his part, know how to set sail again, cast off, because he continues to live. Always, oh, always, let us turn our words around a thousand times in this soil of certainties.

This is the case for the country, for the Earth. You are words, you are a body, and between this bark and this tree, there is this sap that we call emotion, heart, sharing. To be truly sincere is when what you say takes root, through the magic of your love, in the soil of your actions.

When we really love, jealousy disappears, when we really act, we do not let the word become the Bible, we do not let it become a judgment. When we really do, love escapes all borders, distinctions, and rules. And if, because the laws of Nature are so made, we must fight to survive, we will have done so with respect. Peace and love.

Our planet, our body is our ocean. There are many evanescent possibilities, sometimes inaudible, fragile in front of comets and the inevitable. To speak, to do is to do to speak and to speak to do. Thus the Giant Ferris Wheel lights up with all its lights. Like stars and too many galaxies.