The clutter on my night table

October 9, 2023

My bedside table is a mess. That in itself is nothing new. There's always something too much in my little space at my disposal next to my bed.

Moved once again by a thoughtless vision, I photographed the mini-chaos. In capturing this image, I noted what changes and will change. There's always a before and an after for every day we live, but some passages of time are more significant than others. There's the before and after of my hospital stay.

There's the dramatic Hamas attack, so far removed from the mess on my bedside table. We should also note Pluto's entry into Aquarius. This return recalls its passage through the same sign during the American and French revolutions. The American people are fomenting the kind of drama they love to experience.

The Earth appears to be spinning faster than usual. The Phlegrean fields are in danger of bursting, and earthquakes seem to be coordinating. This will certainly not be enough to shake humankind out of its blindness. Perhaps humanity is waiting for her meteor to say goodbye.

Meanwhile, I contemplate my night table. I need to think differently about my daily life.

My neighbour's parents have COVID. Maybe I'm the next victim. It's hard to know which divinity to pray... But let's start by cleaning up before the next mess arrives. There's no point in running if everything in front of you is cluttered.