Using astrology to help a couple understand each other

September 18, 2023

I recently offered a couple of friends an astrological couple analysis called synastry. The method is quite simple. We juxtapose the two natal charts (A on B, then B on A) to visualize the energies and the elements at play.

These are two men with different personalities. Their relationship is both fusional and dynamic, to say the least.

The analysis only took up five pages in two columns. I began by analyzing A's chart, understanding who he was, what his current transits were - a transit being the passage of a planet over a birth position. Then, I looked at B's chart. I used the computer to calculate the two synastries.

I'm not a specialist. I always tell myself that I'm just an amateur fascinated by the phenomenon of planetary impregnations and movements. Astrology is beyond all reason. I detached myself from it for a long time, having begun to study it in the 70s, without abandoning it entirely. My interest was renewed a few years ago.

In the 90s, I wrote an astrological column for a now-defunct magazine for a few months. I'm ashamed of it because it was just showing off. But I needed the money...

Despite the scientific fury against astrology, despite the contradictions that I cannot resolve, even though there are several astrologies and, above all, despite the abundance of platitudes and false magicians brazenly claiming to predict your future every month, despite all this, I know that there is wisdom behind a phenomenon that we may never be able to understand.

There is, in fact, another, quieter kind of astrology, with its own magazine of statistical studies Correlation Journal. There are big names and small who have published worthwhile books.

More than me, they have years of experience in dealing with people. They may even be psychologists or doctors. With the simple object of a natal chart (you need to know your birth time), they help people understand their journey and the state of the ocean on which they're sailing. What is the true meaning of this ocean? I don't pretend to understand it.

Their interpretation of a star chart can never be done without a dialogue. You can't understand a chart if you don't know what a person's life is like. The same applies to the psychological approach. Astrology allows us to shorten the dialogue and quickly focus an analysis.

With my little knowledge, I've been able to write to my friends about my vision of their relationship. I know they read it separately, then together, laughing at times, opening the floodgates to constructive dialogue.

Each of them could see more clearly the differences that separated them and the possible transmission of communicating vessels between them. To know, for example, that one was shy about expressing himself emotionally, while the other was a flood of emotions, how this could affect both of them... and how to establish locks for one, and how to open them for the other... These were, of course, only suggestions.

They thanked me for the profound, loving moment this simple reading had created. I know now that their eyes are more open to the dynamic that is theirs. As the poet √Čluard wrote, there is no such thing as chance, only rendez-vous.

If you're interested in this exercise or just curious for your own sake, you can always start by visiting the website I've created on the subject: There's a little quiz there that might help you understand yourself. There are also general definitions of the signs and their ascendants.

There's also a contact form where you can chat with me. This will help me in my learning of this art.